Arina Sync Marine Training Institute (ASMTI) is formed as a result of joint venture of Arina Offshore & Sync Marine Solutions with the aim of providing exceptional quality education and training in all spheres of the Maritime Industry so as to emerge as the leader in our region.

ASMTI is ideally located at 2 minutes walking distance from CBD Belapur Railway Station, Navi Mumbai. ASMTI has developed and implemented a Quality Management System which is certified and audited by the world’s leading classification & inspection authority, ABS Quality Evaluations, Houston, USA. Additionally the institute has been authorized by Liberian maritime Authority & MISR to conduct STCW training courses.

ASMTI provides their students with the facilities of Air Conditioned Classrooms & Separate Library. Students are provided with best quality study materials & handouts. Students are also provided with complimentary lunch, tea and paid accommodation on request.